Conditional job offer but poor sickness absence record (due partly to asthma) causing problems :-(

Any advice folks?? I have had a conditional job offer- I was the only person interviewed for the post- but it appears that my sickness absence is a sticking point and I'm worried they may withdraw the offer. If anyone can offer advice I would be really grateful. At present I'm being managed under the Disabilities Act having triggered a stage one review. My prospective employer has already emailed me twice about it in the last two days...

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  • Depends on the conditions of the offer I suppose. Obviously I don't know your situation or the job you've applied for but the questions that immediately sprung to mind are; are the conditions of the offer reasonable? Does you prospective employer know about exactly your asthma affects you? Are you under consultant or GP review for your asthma? Are there any steps your prospective employer can take to make the job easier for you e.g. environment away from triggers, plans in place if you do suffer a flare up, etc?

  • Hi Beth. Thanks for your reply. I'm presently a nursing assistant in the NHS and the post I have been offered is similar though not as physically demanding. Occ health know of some of the recommendations made by my current employer but not all- eg night duty- are relevant. My concern was whether they can turn me down for a post when my condition comes under the Disabilities Act- or so I have been advised... :-/

  • They can't as far as I am aware discriminate based on your disability (yes it does come under the equality act as its now known) unless there are safety concerns or someone is literally incapable of performing the role, for example someone who has physical limitations applying for a very physically demanding job. If you have occupational health's backing that is always good, I know its helped me.

    I hope you get sorted :)

  • Any employer can refuse a job offer because of illness. However if you are in a job they are not allowed to discriminate against you.

  • Thanks Beth and Lilaclil for helping to clarify things. I just wanted to be sure of my facts. Hopefully they'll let me know if they're still interested in offering me this job unconditionally as it's worrying not knowing what's going on...

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