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Tight chest

I had a bit of an exacerbation this afternoon whilst using wood restorer. I have fairly recently been put on the SMART regime and so took a dose of Symbicort then another 5 minutes later. The coughing and wheezing seems to have gone and my peak flow is not much lower than normal but I still feel quite short of breath and very tight from my throat right down into my lungs. This seems to happen to me more and more of late. Does it happen to anyone else?

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Hi sorry I can't help with this one, but I'm sure someone will come along who can. Have a lovely evening 😊 xxx

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Thanks, and you!


If it were me I would take another dose of inhaler and make sure your somewhere which has adequete clean air flow. You might still have some of the irritant in your lungs which is taking time to clear.

I am on the SMART regime too and I find in certain situations that my chest / throat remain tight with shortness of breathe for a while after the initial coughing and wheezing has passed. I've kept track and when that happens its usually when I'm in a situation where the irritant is potentially still in the air due to isn't sufficient airflow; for example last week at work when we couldn't keep the windows open due to the high wind and someone was wearing very strong aftershave, even after they left I had tightness of chest and shortness of breathe until I went home.

Keep an eye on it and if it persists maybe mention it to your consultant / asthma nurse / GP whichever you see.


Thank you - that's interesting.


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