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Hay fever/asthma?


Hello all, I'm new to this community but have been following people's stories recently. I've been struck by how supportive and helpful people on this site are! I was diagnosed with asthma over 10 years ago in my 30s. It has been fairly well controlled but I developed a cough and chest infection pre Christmas that resulted in me seeing the respiratory nurse in the new year. I was switched to Fostair (the jury is still out on this) and had a spirometry test as well as a lung X-ray- all came back clear, which was a huge relief. In the last 2 days however I've got a very irritated nose, eyes (less so) and my chest and lungs have felt very heavy/irritated. I'm trying to work out what my triggers are and wonder if this could be pollen related - noting the change in the weather recently. It just seems to come out of nowhere and I'm finding it hard to know how to deal with it best. Any advice gratefully received and thank you.

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Perhaps a phonecall to your GP or one to the helpline would be the best advice I could give gentle hugs 😃

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hi there, it could be hay fever, or it may be another allergy. I have hay fever and about 2 years ago figured out I have a problem with heavy pollution after I lost my sense of smell when I visited London. Might be worth trying to figure out if there's something new in your environment, though it could also be something you're newly sensitive to. Good luck 😊

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That's really helpful, thank you. I think I will ask my GP for an allergy test. I can handle the nose and eyes but it's the chest heaviness/tightness that I find a little scary. Thanks again.

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