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Hello, sorry if this has been asked before. I am a 45yr old chronic asthmatic - diagnosed as a toddler. I have been very successfully controlled on Symbicort with no major issues and really good relief (no sick days in 5yrs) - had my asthma check last week and was asked to try out the Teva DuoResp. I am not getting on too well, sore mouth, coughing when I take it and a I being a too impatient? Has anyone else had issues? I don't want to backslide on the massive progress I made on Symbicort. Many thanks for reading,


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  • If i was you id stay on simbicort until it stops working

  • Thanks Hay1234...I was getting on so well with Symbicort. Does to eventually stop working and the asthma becomes resistant to it? Thanks so much, RSKi

  • I dont know but what i meant was use it and if you do get resistant then change my dad was changed to a round inhaler it was terrible and made him so ill listen to your self doctors are good but not always right

  • Thank you, will do. RSKi

  • I also changed from symbicort to spiromax duoresp and I'm fine. Previously they changed it to relvar ellipta and THAT made ME ill in the way you describe. Worth chatting to your pharmacist over the weekend id think.

  • Thank you - will do. Hope you are all sorted out now. RSKi

  • I am thanks. Good luck 😊

  • Duo Resp has same active ingredients as Symbicort but is quite a bit cheaper. Sometimes it's the other ingredients that can cause the problems. If you are still have problems after a few more days I would go back and ask to be changed back to Symbicort. I think there are quite a few threads about this subject in the past. I have used Symbicort in the past, but really have no experience with this myself


  • Thanks for your reply, I do feel guilty as I know the DuoResp is cheaper but I cannot afford to mess up my asthma and end up not being reliable at work. I will go back to the GP - I think you are right it is the powder carrier/size of the particles that make me really cough. RSKi

  • I suggest asking your gp or nurse about it

  • Yep - will do. Am going to make the call tomorrow. RSKi

  • good let us know how it goes

  • Hi I was changed to this from symbicort last year because being a generic version it was cheaper. I was told the ingredients were the same but the particles are finer. I think the expedience was different too ie the way it is delivered. Anyway it didn't suit me and I was breathless on it. I rang the doctor who without argument changed me back. Contact your doctor and ask the same. x

  • Like u I was on symbicourt and managed well had no option but to go to duo resp ( I thought it was a monetary NHS thing?) and to be honest it has worked the same and I had no side effects and I am very sensitive but everyone is different with medication so good luck

  • It is nonsense to change you into a new inhaler when you are doing so well

    in your usual one. Tell your Dr to put you back to Symbicort.

  • All, thank you all for your lovely comments. I contacted the Pharmacist working at the Dr surgery and had a chat, she immediately switched me back to Symbicort and said my scripts would be marked to remain on this, I was really surprised as I thought I would get some hassle!. I count myself very lucky to have a really good Health Centre where I can get quick help and support. Thanks again. Wishing you all a good weekend. x

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