Shoulder blade/tip and rib pain

Went to back to work from Monday to Weds this week following a horrid virus and chest infection that had seen me in bed for nearly a month. Really struggled at work even on light duties with aching in back and chest and feeling light headed. I am back home in bed today with swollen neck glands and pain on breathing also feel bruised all around my ribs and have pain my shoulder blades/tips. Unsure whether to just carry on resting or to drag myself back to the doc. I've had this sort of pain before and was just told to rest. It's so rubbish: been properly ill for over a month now 😔 Anyone else have this pain? The cough has subsided now and my voice is coming back. Feeling very fed up! 😢

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  • Poor you, I would probably be inclined to carry on resting and see if you can get a telephone consultation. That way hopefully they can advise you. Take care

  • Rest as much as you can, you probably feel pain because of the effort your chest makes when you breathe, eat good food plenty of onions and avocado, stay away from cold and cover well when out, consult your Dr in case you may need to repeat the antibiotic. it will pass

  • Managed to drag myself to the doc today. They took bloods to check for infection markers and just to make sure I didn't have glandular fever as the illness has gone on for so long (not as long as 2 years ago when I coughed for 7 months and had 7 lots of steroids).... and put me on antibiotics: Doxycycline. Fingers crossed they will sort me out. x

  • I have Doxycycline..usually sorts me out..plenty of herbal teas with honey, plenty of water and a lot of rest..take care xx

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