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Cough variant asthma attacks

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Hi all, sorry if this appears a stupid question. I am new to cough variant asthma so not sure what is classed as an attack. The other night I could not stop coughing, using blue inhaler 2 hourly with limited effect. Unable to lie down. Chest felt heavy as if there was weight on it. No wheezing, was this an attack? I would be grateful for other folks comments. Many thanks.

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Yes it was an asthma attack. Any incident where you can't stop coughing and/or are extra breathless is an attack. It sounds like quite a mild one though thank goodness.

If you ever have a bad attack ie you can't breathe and can't get your breathing back to normal after trying everything and using meds and breathing exercises then ring for an ambulance. Better to be safe than sorry. x

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Thanks for your response, at least it gives me a better idea of what I need to be looking for. Feel such an idiot when you have no idea x

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Hi you are very new to this so you have no reason to feel bad about yourself. We were all novices at one time and have had to learn over the years, knowledge comes with experience, and with great sites like this. Bless the internet!

Just jump in and post if you have any worries - we all understand. Take care x

This has helped me to understand my asthma. I've had asthma a long time and when mine is uncontrolled I cough without being wheezy, I could never understand why until now. My worst attack was early last year and I was wheezing, the worst part was every time I tried to draw in air it was like sucking through a straw that had collapsed in on itself. Fortunately I did manage to get it under control which took a while and changed from wheeze to cough. I always thought that I was being over reactive and silly, but I now know it was always real even if there was no wheeze. Thank you

Hi I've had asthma since I was a baby (I'm 65) and my asthma attacts start like this coughing feeling like there's something heavy on my cheast. If I can't stop it with ventolin I will get really wheezy 😳

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Thanks so much for that, I am 62 and doubtless on a steep learning curve. Any info is really helpful.

Im just learning too at 43. Trying to work out the difference between my asthma and cold I have at the moment. Frustrating.

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I know it's really hard isn't it? Thank goodness for sites like these.

Can i ask a question was the breathlessness from chest or throat

Definitely the chest

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