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Having had a cough for months and struggling with breathlessness whilst l'm working, my doctor is now assessing me for asthma. I'm 10 days into a 'trial of treatment' and my cough has almost disappeared, the breathlessness is about a million times better and my peak flow has increased from around the 300/320 mark to 440/460. The last couple of days l've had a horrible pain (constant) in the area where my ribs join my spine - daft Q but could this pain be connected or do you think it's just coincidence and l've just simply pulled some muscles in my back?

Many thanks!

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One of the things I have discovered with a long standing cough is the need to see a chiropractor to put things back which has been put out by the cough. This is an age related thing. An older person has less control on the muscles involved in coughing than a younger person.

Hope this is useful.

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I think if it's a muscle then it would vary with breathing or certain movements, that's if it's really bad. Otherwise, it's worth seeing a doc because some pains can have origins in the organs.


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