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I was dignosed with asthma when i was around 11 but never had any trouble until earlier this year(at 26) was started on clenil modulate 200mcg 2 puffs twice a day which seemed to have kept me well controlled. However this week out of the blue ive really struggled all most constantly coughing, tight chest and oc occasionally a slight wheeze. Seen my gp today who uped my preventer to 2 puffs 4 times a day and given me a 5 day course of 30mg of prednisalone. But i seem to be getting worse can barely make it up the stairs and using my ventolin every 2-3 hours. Should the steriods started to work by now or am i just being impaitent?

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  • The steroids may need more than one dose to get started, keep an eye on your peak flow but if no improvement go back to gp Friday, if you get worse go back before or if your inhaler isn't working go to a&e, good luck hope you feel better soon xx

  • Thanks, thought i might have been a bit impatient, im not one that likes to be resticted, so wants everything to happen yesterday lol. Manged to get an extra couple of hours sleep last night only waking twice, so maybe they are doing something but just not quick enough for my likeing. Thanks again for the advice.

  • Rest up...

    You need to give you body chance to recover. I agree with others...if not improved by Friday then go back to GP.

    Do you have an asthma action plan? If not then book in to see the asthma nurse too and ask to do an asthma action plan. This will help you to know what to do if and when this happens again!

    Get well soon!

  • You really should be in 40mg for 7days and if you have infection antibiotucs too...if you go worse straight to a+e ..please make sure you listen to your body ...

  • Thanks, havnt got an infection. Fingers crossed if im patient things wiĺl improve.

  • What is your peakflow doing? is it still dropping? the reason I am asking is I am going through this i had what I thought was a chest infection my peakflow was low and it dropped by 10 an hour even after a nebuliser and antibiotics trouble sleeping at night due to coughing ect

    I'm in hospital right now typing this to with low oxygen

  • My peak flow is maintaining between 250 and 300, ive got an sats monitor so i know my oxygen levels are ok running about 95/96%

  • I was like you're describing a few weeks ago. I was told there was no infection or wheeze but eventually after steroids and new inhaler I 'm almost back to normal but still being cautious as I was so frightened by feeling so poorly and asthma out of control. Just rest and build up gradually. Take care.

  • In an emergency You can take the equivalent of 10 puffs if salbutamol or blue inhaler with a minute in between. This is equivalent to having a nebuliser. But I would suggest if this doesn't help you should attend casualty or see a GP urgently

  • I agree with every one else you have to give it time. I on my three day of steroids and I take 40mg (8 x 5 mg) tablets for 7 days and if not completely better by daY 7 its back to the doctors.

    Your on 30mg for 5 days which your doctor thinks you need to help you get your asthma back under control. I was told it takes 6-12 hours for the prensiolone to kick in.

    I know its hard and I hate being restricted too in what I can do. You have to be kind to yourself.

    Do your peak flow twice a day. Once before you get up and once late afternoon. The prenisolone will kick your peak flow back up and improve your symptoms.

    The top advice that I can give anyone here. Is 1 ring asthma UK helpline TODAY (lines open at 9 am) and 2 ring your doctors TODAY and speak to one today.

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