My wife and Brittle asthma

Hi all

Iam not a sufferer myself but my wife is. She has had asthma since she was about 15 but recentley been diagnosed with brittle asthma after 3 admissions into intensive care during a 2 week stay in hospital. She is at the moment in intensive care after being admotted again last thursday, She is doing ok but i need some help on what to do now regards how to manage her condition and can she still work and heneral advice moving forwards.

Regards Colin

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  • Hi, just wanted to say how great it is that you are looking in to how you can help. I would also say that nurses on the Asthma UK helpline are absolutely amazing. They give really brilliant and useful advice so I think that would be a good place to start.

  • It sounds as if your wife is having a real tough time at the moment. I have life long Severe Asthma and was medically retired three years ago. When she comes out of hospital, she will need to give her body chance to recover properly, build up her immune system before she goes back to work. Home is the only place where you have control over your environment, where you can ensure no perfumes and aerosols are used. The temperature, and humidity affect me greatly, so in summer I have a portable air conditioner to control both the temperature and reduce the humidity. In winter, if you have a damp house, then again you will need to reduce the humidity. Having a portable handheld fan in my bag is very handy to waft air gently over the face.

    Shops are difficult for me, as they are often too hot and stuffy, and trying on clothes really makes me breathless so I have started shopping on line a lot.

    Hopefully your wife will be put under the care of the Community Respiratory Team, and will also go on a Pulmonary Rehab course. Is she in her 50s? There is so much I could say, but this email is too long..

    Oh, and get in touch with your local charity disability team (not Council). Mine is Disability Huntingdonshire. They are very helpful, particularly with benefits and filling out the dreaded DWP forms. Your wife is classed as Disabled under the Disability Act.

    Hope some of this helps. Get support for yourself as well. If you fall ill, you cannot help your wife. Note, everyone is different, and recover at different rates, or need to adjust to changes in their condition. Remember, there are loads of people on this site who can give advice to help support you and your wife. Soothing calming thoughts sent your way.

  • Hi Collin,

    Asthma is a changing condition and changes over your life

    The best thing to do would be to identify triggers (these are what sets of a person's asthma)

    I know for me these are:

    - dust (I'm allergic )

    -pollen (I'm allergic,hayfever)

    - changes in temperature (too hot and dry or too cold and damp)

    - certain cleaning chemicals

    - certain perfumes/aftershaves

    - colds and viruses

    I'm sure here are a few more but I'm still learning what they are

    But avoiding what irritates your wife's lungs will only help as will knowing how to manage her condition (medication wise)


  • I too have severe brittle allergic asthma. I agree with the above comments but was wondering if she is actually under a consultant who specifically deals with brittle asthma? Birmingham heartlands have a dedicated specific team and are amazing - they offer treatments that potentially aren't available elsewhere.

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