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End of tether

I'm pretty much at the end of my tether. my son has a constant cough that's just getting started 7 days ago and it's just getting worse every minute. I've tried everything suggested but nothing is helping. He can't even say a whole sentence without needing to cough. the doctor said there is nothing we can do as he is on maximum asthma medication. I just want it to be better but I'm literally at a dead end now and having to sit and listen to him coughing and heaving and not being able to help makes me feel like such a failure to be honest. :(

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I would go back to the doctor and say that the asthma treatment isn't working. You could ask for your son to be referred to see an asthma nurse. If he is as bad as this, his medication is obviously not working. Be strong and push your doctor for results. Your son shouldn't have to suffer like this.


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