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Morning everyone just to let u all know my daughter is ok bruised and battered whip lash bad and back, neck pain but she alive and that's the main thing she will heal my son has whip lash and my friend has back pain and neck and a bad headache where the air bag hit her head she only tiny little thing nothig to her but there all alive that's the main thing waiting to her more about the driver and if he's admitting it or not but lots of witnesses have come forward saying they seen it so that's good me getting stronger went to town yesterday for a wonder and had coffee with a friend wasn't to bad as long as I take it steady and have a pit stop on way i'm ok. Have a great day take care xx

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Glad everyone is going to be okay. rake care of yourselves.

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I'm so pleased that everyone's ok.

I bet it made a nice change for you to get out and have a coffee with your friend.

Take care.

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