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hello there its me again.Im an architect, been working in the office but secided to leave a job after experiencing bad asthma attacks, now Im having my medication maintenance,symbicort, 4dose a day. been resting for 7months now since I left my job last march, recently I applied for a job, and it will be on a construction of a shopping mall 1hr away fr my place, the HR actually is worried if the job w/c is in the site will affect my health and vice versa. My doctor said before that I can do anything as long as I have my meds with me, not too confident about that though. can u pls gve me some good advice of what to do and if u think if it woul be just fine to work in a construction site. Thanks in advance

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  • Go and ask if you can stay on a building site for a day to see how you manage. There will be all kinds of dust everywhere. Maybe wear a mask? Only you can tell how your body is and how you will handle it. Yes, as long as you have your meds with you, within reason you should be OK, but that does not mean exposing yourself to things you are badly allergic to.

  • thaanks Anne. you're right. But not so sure if I can ask them that request to just stay there, you know most big companies are selfish, if they see inadequacy in you they will prefer to hire somebody else. But thanks so much for the advice.xoxo

  • Sorry, I meant another building site, not that one.

  • This could very well depend on how you react to irritants. What will be your day to day exposure? Have you got ppe that you can use before setting foot onto the construction site? And is it tailored to your particular needs rather than the needs of the many? And how bothersome or restrictive will you find it? Prevention is always better than cure! Find out as much as you can about day to day exposures and start putting things in place that will prevent the contact. Good luck.

  • Often it is stress related. Just take you meds and vitamins magnesium cod liver oil etc and you should be fine

  • If your office has air con, you might be ok. It might depend on how much time you spend on site and where the build has got to. You can bring on an attack by just worrying about it - it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you really are allergic to the dust created by building, you'll have to think seriously about your options as any HR people will need to be sure you are going to be ok; they won't want to employ someone who goes sick in the first week.

  • To be honest I would be very wary of exposing your lungs to a construction site! It would depend on the circumstances though as the others have said. x

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