I need to know if I am visible in this post

I am trying to find out whether my post is publicised at all....strange because i have posted several questions over the last couple of years and i have never ever got a response. I wonder if perhaps my posts are not made public at all? please whoever reads this give me a signal a simple hello anything just to prove me i do exist!!!

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  • Hi you are here.

  • Yep I can see you perhaps people did not reply as they did not know the answer , we puffers often have difficult problems :-)

  • I can see your post.

  • Yes you are here

  • Yes I can see your post

  • Me, too.

  • Hiya, I can see your post.

  • Yes I can read your post. Sometimes posts go unanswered if it is left public instead of only viewable to the community you posted it in. People don't like to think of their health issues being read by anyone who does the correct Google search. You can change the privacy of your post by clicking on the wee circle next to Only followers in my community (Hidden post) at the bottom of the text box.

  • Hello....we are here!

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