Asthma monitoring gadgets

Hi all,

So there are monitoring gadgets for all kinds of medical conditions.. I see an automated diabetic blood sugar monitor cthat's quote reasonably priced

Now I've done a few Google searches but any gadget I found seemed to be either a theory or still in development

Does anyone know of any asthma monitoring gadgets (the more automatic the better)??



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  • As far as I know, the Peak Flow is the only monitoring device. However, in some cases a peak flow reading can be misleading, especially if you have a good peak flow to start with. I wish there was another way to monitor asthma.

  • Yeah I've got a peak flow monitor but I was looking at like smart gadgets I can't believe in this day and age where a fitbit can tell me how fast my heart is beating and who's calling me... the good old white tube is still the best way of monitoring asthma?

  • I don't think most of the doctors understand asthma either. I called my GP's office yesterday because I was bad over the weekend. My GP wasn't available so I spoke to a different one. I asked if I should start taking my rescue steroids and he basically said "Do what you think best". I see my GP in a few weeks, but I feel sometimes like I am treating my asthma myself. Maybe I can do a better job! :-P

  • You also have a pulse oximeter which gives away blood oxygen levels. Don't over monitor though J just think it's not healthy at all.

    Never let asthma control you.

  • I don't intend to spend my life monitoring I was thinking of something I could wear maybe around the chest or wrist to monitor what I can automatically like a fitbit or a chest strap (I understand it won't be everything)

    I already have a samsung smart watch which does me pulse automatically every hour

  • Have you tried the health app on the iPhone? I did a peak flow diary last year on this app and it was a pain near the end of the pollen season but it was a good experiment. I did however notice that I needed a asthma review all the meds were at the wrong times!

  • I have actually just downloaded asthma md for android (it appears to also be available for ios) and inputted my peak flows and inhalers into it and it's quite interesting

    I like the look of adamm but it's not available in the UK or is still in development

    There was a gadget you could fit to the end of your inhaler that simply monitored usage (by bluetooth ) however it's only available in the USA and for certain medical insurances

    I'm just finding it difficult to believe that 25-30 years ago when I was first told I had asthma to now the only advances I've seen in treatment are:

    Cfc free Inhalers

    Coughing is now a recognised symptom of asthma

    And spacers are smaller (aerovent where as ventolin spacers where the only one's available when I was a kid)

    Yet asthma is a growing problem with a large number of people (I believe In the tens of millions just in the UK alone)

  • How can i getbthis app.

  • Search for it in the app store on your device

  • My tools are my peak flow meter and peak flow diary, peak flow meter from Dr's via prescription. Best ever things ever use, Three puffs and highest one recorded.

  • Yeah I do that now

    But I record my peak flow in asthma md

  • Weezer mentioned the Pulse Oximter (which I use) and which is less to do with taking a pulse and more to do with showing you when the quality of your circulating oxygen falls dangerously low. There are several pocket sized ones around the £30 Price Range.

    Search for following Post for more info:

    When To Seek Urgent Help

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