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New asthma pacient

Hello everyone! I've just sign in and I'm not very sure if I can help ou even be helped here, caus I live in Brazil and the clima and weather are completely diferent from what I've read here... I'm 50 and have been diagnozed two year ago as an asthmatic. I felt surprised cause I'm an moderate athlet and have ever been healthy. Now I must use corticoide (Alvesco) every day, or in a few days my caught begins and some fluid appears. I still can't believe that I'll have to do this medication forever...

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Just like to say welcome, and keep taking the meds, even when you feel well. I have had Asthma all my life, and now my lungs are permanently damaged. I am sure this will not happen to you. Soon it will become second nature taking the meds. There are other people on this site who were diagnosed around the same age as you, maybe one will be along soon.


Hi. I am also asthmatic and have been so all my life. I take 3 inhalers and loads of meds and you will get used to taking them. I hope things go well for you. Best wishes.


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