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Long term prednisolone users?

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Anybody take prednisolone daily long term? I took 40mg a day for two weeks at the end of July and my asthma symptoms diminshed - unfortunately they are now returning and my inhalers offer little relief. I am wondering if a lower dose taken more regularly may help?

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You will need to talk to your Dr about this. I have been on low dose of 5mg per day for 8 months (not for asthma). I was also put on calcium and vitamin d tablets. Long dosages of steroids can attack your bones and your body gets used to them. I start on Monday to wean off, 5mg every other day, then every 3 days (I can't just stop overnight).

Good morning, again like the other response you need to speak to you GP. Normally if you have been on 40mg for two weeks you should not just come off them but reduce your dose over two weeks to come off them.

Hi ..... I'm on 25mg daily as a maintenance, have been for 18 months. Before that I was on the pred roller coasters. Without my daily msintence I simply couldn't function I've tried to reduce but for me any lower than 25mg and I get too poorly. The last time I came off completely I admitted vote an ambulance !!

Just started Xolair injections, if a success I'm hoping to come off

I have been on long term steroids for years with the dose being variable. This needs to be monitored by a Dr and is not without risk because of the side effects.

As a side bar, did you wind down your dose or just stop after 2 weeks? A reducing dose would have been better.

Good luck

I take 5mg per day and have done for more than thirty years! its also to help my excema. I am allowed to increase this dose without refering back to my GP when needed for seven days and usually consists of 40mg but i obviously try not to!

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I was worried at trying 5mg daily for few months. U say u ve taken this dose for 30 years. Do u hav any problems with ostoprosis as a result of steriods. Do u get regular bone densityscans? Glad medication helos u.

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i take one calcechew every day and also a weekly one called Alendronic acid. I also take one Azithromycin (antibiotic) 3 times per week which stops the infection keep coming back. This has revolutionised my life so far after over 8 months of a trial. No problems with ostoprosis so far but do get a bad back in the mornings when i get up.

hi i had the same problem i am currently on 2 tablets 10mgs a day and at the moment i dont seem to be having the flare ups i use to have

Steriods reduce inflammation which is good but they have so many side effects. I tried 5mg prednisone daily but it didnt help.me so i stopped.. But we r all different so mayb a reduced daily dose would help u. Discuss with ur doctor.

Ive been on daily 10mg of prednisolone for over two yrs and regularly have to increase to 40mg but if on the high dose for more than 7days have to slowly reduce them back to 10mg not just stop. Talk to yr Dr about a possible maintenance dose and calcium tablets too. I also take montiloukas polycontin and three inhalers. Unfortunately xolair injections made me very ill so it was stopped after 4mths. Good luck x

I take 5mgs a day and it seems to work

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