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Good morning everyone hope u all well and feeling good just had another cannula out and a new one to go in requested a pick line to go in again so hopefully they will get it done today as not got good gains and need to get the canola back in for treatment bit nervous about having the pick line never had one before but if it helps then I'm willing to give it a go anyone had one before on here have a good day X

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We're thinking of you Tracey and hope all goes well. I've never had a PICC line, but it's better than getting a lot of IV's all the time. Keep strong and take care.


Hi thank u arms starting to hurt now very sore X

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I hope all goes ok for you Tracey.

Take care.

God Bless you and your family.


Oh Tracey, hope you are feeling OK in yourself - despite all this. Keep your chin up as they say. God bless you .




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