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Hi folks,

Trust you're all doing well today :-)

Just wondering if anyone knows of a reasonably priced travel insurance firm that won't charge an arm and a leg for the privilege of going on holiday with a pre - existing medical condition.

I just had one quote through an online comparison site and the cheapest was £368 for 10 days!

I'm guessing it's my asthma that's the problem as I'm on over three med's for it which seems to be one of the cut off points although my husband also has diabetes.

As it's our 25th wedding anniversary I would much rather spend our hard earned cash on something enjoyable rather than splashing out on overly expensive travel insurance!

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated- we go next month...

Thanks in anticipation,

Flossie :-)

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  • Hi,

    I used Unique a few years ago for a trip to America which I think was reasonably priced (can't remember what the price was but I went through the Asthma UK website). They were one of the very few who gave me a quote with asthma requiring several medications and hospital admission (along with a heart condition). They also came recommended as they specialise in pre-existing medical conditions.

    I hope you have a good trip!

  • I used 4medical for a 10 day cruise in October and they were very reasonable. I declared my asthma and heart condition and they quoted me £95.00. I had a £500 deductible though! I also haven't had any hospital admissions for my asthma so I don't know if that makes a difference.

    Stacey x

  • Try. :. All Clear :. We found them very reasonable for lung conditions.


  • Thanks everyone for getting in touch :-) I will look into your recommendations asap- or at least once the fog of night duty clears from my head! xx

  • I used stay sure that did not cost an arm and a leg only 85.00 pound for three weeks in South Africa that was with several pre existing conditions hope you have a safe Andy happy holiday x

  • Thanks Jackie :-)

  • A friend of mine used Voyager. She has a heart condition and has twice had to be medevac'd home.

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