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new post :) but im not new though :/ im somewhat new i guess you could say :)

anyway, i talked to the CNP at the last visit, and she said that she cant help me until i get a PFT >:( this asthma flare up has been going on for the past two weeks :( the good news is, the attacks are getting fewer and farther between, but the attacks themselves are getting worse :( i was at another doctors when i was 13 and the other doctor took my history (i had an aunt that had it but she died of an attack when i was 18) and i have he was like listening to my lungs (he didnt hear anything) and i started coughing really bad, and he was like"how long have you done that for?" and i said "for like three years, ever since i had pneumonia." long story short, the other doctor diagnosed me as asthmatic.. a few months went by and i went back to the doctor and asked how i got asthma, and the doctor was like " i looked at the x-rays from when you had pneumonia, and it looked really severe. something like that can cause you to get asthma because of the link scientists found between walking pneumonia and asthma." i was like " oh ok thanks." well anyway, i was diagnosed, but that was before everything was standardized, and i guess it got lost in the transfer of data from written records to electronic records :( and its not like i can just go back there and ask that doctor, cause he retired... either that or he died :( and i cant take this asthma crap anymore :( two weeks of this crap :( my mom is hell bent on it being anxiety(i lived with family friends back then) and i dont have a car so i cant go anywhere :( and the medics in my district are total assholes so thats out of the running :( im so confused :( whos right? should i try to ask a different CNP? thanks for putting up with this REALLY long post :( :/

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No idea what a CNP is or a PFT. (I'm in the UK) You've cut your options right down, haven't you? If you've no faith in any of the medics, it is down to you to get better. When you were diagnosed with asthma, the doctor must have prescribed inhalers for you. Perhaps you need to take control of this problem yourself. Calm of mind is essential so stop panicking and mentally thrashing about. Firstly you go on to YouTube and check you have the right inhaler technique. Then you take your inhalers exactly as prescribed, giving yourself a good 5 minutes to be calm, do a practice inhalation then the real thing, hold your breath then clean your teeth, rinse your mouth and gargle once then swallow fresh water twice so you don't get a sore throat from the inhalers leaving residue there. I don't know what you do during the day, but you must do something to keep you occupied which you enjoy. Your mom may be right about its being made worse by anxiety, but you have to decide what you are going to do to make you not so anxious.

When you are calm and can see your issues more clearly, you will find the medics are not all useless and one of them might be able to help you further. Medication for many things is a 'try this and see how you get on' sort of thing. I am certain your attacks can be lessened if you go about it the right way. Best possible wishes to you for a better time!

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I'm really sorry to hear of your struggle! I can relate! My life has not been the same since March when I had a bad chest infection. Struggle every day, more in the evening ! My inhalers don't help as much as I would want them to. Have you heard of BRT (Biorezonans) therapy? I will try it soon, before I drop! I will let you know how it went. My initial appointment is on the 20th August.

In the meantime I would strongly suggest trying to boost your immune system! I eat garlic tablets every day now, and oil of oregano capsules and echinacea and other stuff...cannot even think of getting a cold now on the top of all my worrying symptoms...

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