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Help everyone...I didn't know

First thing first hello everyone!

I've been having trouble with my pulse being high 110+bpm (sometimes as high as 185 while resting)

Now the doctors have told me (3 of them) probably something slightly a miss with my heart (and sent me for lots of tests) ....I had chest pains so called my gp who said phone an ambulance (which I refused) so I went to a and e and the doctor said to me.... You do know it's all your asthma don't you, the pulse the pain is wheezing in your lung blah blah (none of which i did know)

So what I want to know is how do I get this under control?... When I was a kid I had all the obvious breathless, tightness of chest, coughing etc but have had no clue for about 3 months that this was the cause of all the problems (apparently a chunk of doctors didn't either)



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You could potentially have problems with your heart, so it would be best to wait for the test results before deciding on any course of action.

asthma can cause an elevated heart rate and so can the meds we take. When my asthma is acting up my heart rate shoots up the highest being nearly 200. Your lungs works extra hard to get oxygen in and around the body and its the hearts job to help with that, so it in turn works harder and beats faster.

Panic can be a major factor as well and its a perfectly normal response but doesn't really help us.

I'd wait to know what the tests say and talk to you GP and ask for advice if there are some safe ways for you to reduce your heart rate.

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Hi Beth_19,

I fully intend to see my gp and go over the test results from all the tests

The problem is I thought my asthma had all but faded (not had any obvious symptoms for some time).... And haven't used an inhaler for years

and this puts some light back onto it as a possible cause for some of the problems I've had




no problem hope you get sorted out.


If you haven't been taking inhalers then they can't be causing the elevated heart rate. So you can probably discount that. Hope you get this sorted out.


No I haven't been taking inhalers, the doctor suggested that it would be slightly lower than normal oxygen levels and the heart working harder to keep the oxygen flowing properly.... Which makes sense


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