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More sinus issues

It would appear I have asthma caused by sinus issues. Sadly, tests have not shown what the trigger is, my respitory specialist wants me to go back to my GP for a referral to an ENT specialist.

My sinus problems have got worse - they seem to be emptying into my throat - my voice is hoarse and I am regularly clearing my throat. I have been given dymista which no longer appears to do anything, even my 400 symbicort only seems to have a limited effect.

Initially my problems stopped me exercising- now they are blighting my life.

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I've been given flixonase for my post nasal drip. Has helped a lot. X


Hi Brenviking,

I can totally sympathise with your issue - my sinuses have been a major pain for me since my late teens - tried it all beconase, flixonase various Anti Histamine‎'s etc.

Bit the bullet two years ago (as I was avoiding surgery) knowing in the back of mind that it would come down to it, I was referred to ENT and up the shot was FESS which to honest has made life alot easier, I can't say I don't get sinus pain as I do, but day to day living is much easier :-) slight post nasal drip but nothing like before surgery and no gunk blocking or coming down my nose!!

I now take Avamys nasal spray to control the Rhinitis and when having a cold Flixonase (nasal drops not the spray).

I have other issues which haven't helped the sinuses either hey ho!!

Just an aside 'Fexofenadine Antihistamine‎' is also very good I find - have you also tried montelukast - this could also help your asthma!

Take good care :-)

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Hi .. I also suffer from sinus issues including nasal polyps and rhinitis !!

Also refractory asthma and bronchiectasis !!

It's very hard to keep all of these issues stable at the same time, I find there's always one that flares up and In turn aggravates the others !!

I'm with ENT and respitory consultants at the Royal Brompton.....

Both my issues are steroid responsive and I take 25mg of pred as a daily maintenance ....

Hope you get some answers

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Thank you for your replies. I have taken pred with good results but I do not want to take any more due to the long term side effects.


Sorry to hear that.


It would appear that the doctors only want to treat my asthma rather than my sinuses- if I could sort my sinuses I doubt I would have the asthma.


Sinuses are very complex as you already know and to be honest I think very little is known about them so GPs give it a bit of a wide birth - I have been off work today with sinus pain and it seems to be worse when the weather is unsettled. Total sympathy with anyone who suffers - it's the nausea that gets me and the fatigue it brings on!


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