Oral thrush

Since I was on antibiotics for a chest infection back in March, with regularly taking clenil, I have had outbreaks of oral thrush. Though I don't always have plaques, I can sort of feel it most or all of the time. Just now I am on large doses of symbicort, so I still will need to keep on top of it. The other day I was prescribed Nystan drops. I found after two days it made no impact. I have found that dactarin can help. Anyway, after two days I went back to my rinsing my mouth with water mixed with a little cider vinegar as it seems to work better, and just stopped the Nystan. The plaque disappeared after just one such rinse. Any other suggestions of things that work well?

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  • Inhalers are notorious for giving you oral thrush & I get constant complaints at home about my bad breath!

    Alongside mouthwash, the only other thing I do that seems to work is using the toothbrush to gently clean across my tongue. You have to be careful further back as it's not a pleasant feeling but it does seem to work in my case.

  • Along with inhalers, antibiotics are a known problem when it comes to thrush, reason being, I believe (if I'm wrong someone please tell me), that they kill off the good bacteria which help to keep thrush in check along with the bad.

    Despite the fact that I've been on steroid inhalers for nearly thirty years I've never had oral thrush (I've had oesophageal thrush deep down in my oesophagus, but the cause of that is disputed). Quite how I've managed to avoid it I don't know. I do have a scrupulous dental routine involving two different tooth brushes (one the smallest softest bristle toothbrush I can find, the other an interdental brush) plus the use of dental floss when I clean my teeth before going to bed. As Minushabens has suggested, I do also brush my tongue once a day. I also gargle and rinse out before and after cleaning my teeth (which I do immediately after taking my inhalers).

    In order to help keep oesophageal thrush in check, I started eating live Greek yogurt (it's called Fage and I believe it can be found in many supermarkets) in October of last year; I've not had a problem since (hurriedly touches wooden table). So you could try that.

  • I have an appointment tomorrow morning for exactly the same thing. I have a bitter taste and burning in my mouth but my tongue is lovely and pink - I also finished a course of antibiotics two weeks ago and the doctor increased my Fostair from 100 to 200. I am prepared for a battle with my doctor as the first thing they do is look at your tongue and if it is not white and coated they do not believe you have oral thrush. I had it four years ago and it was so bad I had sores at the corner of my mouth and this nasty taste and burning and eventually a swab was taken at the hospital and sent away to grow things and proved I had candida. I had to take three weeks of anti fungal tablets which eventually got rid of it after two years. I was interested about the cider vinegar which I will try. I also bought Daktarin Friday but it does not seem to be working - it is so hard to get rid of it.

  • Thrush is a common side effect of antibiotics and Prednisolone together. I prefer nystatin as it gets into the whole system. You can also try the once only fluconazole capsule (canestan) which I've done before. Yes it's for vaginal thrush but it treats systemic thrush. Remember thrush is just a fungal infection, systemic, orally or vaginally.

  • I had the antibiotics back in March, two lots. That is when this oral thrush started. Since then it has come and gone. The prednisolone I had for 2.5 weeks in June, finished last Thursday. Just now I have decided to put it all to one side. After all I can sort of manage it with cider vinegar. I also now find that the brushing of the inside of my mouth, not just my tongue, feels as if it helps. That was one of the suggestions above. I am going away in less than a week, so it just doesn't feel long enough to actually sort it. Once back home I will get back onto it. The Nystan drops seemed not even to touch it. The daktarin has worked better for me, so I may bring a stash of that with me. I have a hospital appointment tomorrow so I will bring it up then.

    Thank you for all your responses! It all helps!

  • Fluconazole (mentioned by Matti1) is what I have been put on in the past for oesophageal thrush. But be warned, the correct dosage for one type of thrush is not necessarily the correct dosage for another. The once only version (often given for vaginal thrush) is not what was recommended by my consultant for oesophageal thrush. For that I was put on a two week course of 50mg a day.

  • Listen, prescription anti-fungals (in fact ALL anti-fungals) are tricky and somewhat risky medicine. I have found that using a combination of Caprylic Acid and Pau d'Arco is marvelous in resolving the problem. Caprylic Acid has been favorably compared to Nystatin without any of the side effects. I just recently had an oral thrush episode after 8 days (of 14 in prescription). In a day or two the SORE TONGUE and white patches disappeared. These are non-prescription "natural" remedies. Good luck.

  • I am not familiar with those items. What are they and where do I find them?

    I had wondered about sugar. Once or twice I seemed to find it got worse with more sugar in my body (I have a sweet tooth), but was unsure as my doctor friend was sceptical it made any difference. I am largely using the 'brush the entire inside of your mouth and rinse and gargle with salt water with a good dash of cider vinegar'. It helps but it is an ongoing battle. I also use Daktarin when desperate. But would be very happy to check out other stuff.

  • GNC has Pau d' Arco, but not Caprylic Acid. That can be found at Vitamin World, Vitamin Shoppe, or other health/herb stores.

  • Ooops. Forgot to mention. Go light on sugars for a day or two along with the 2 items above.

  • Oh, since I wrote above I have looked up both products, and have done some research on them. They both also seem quite powerful, to be used with care, perhaps especially the Pau D'Arco one. I will consult with my daughter who is good at plant- and other products.

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