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Evening everyone hope u all ok , here we go again this weather not helping my chest at all been weezing all day and ache all over not good got to get better for my operation. Monday can't sleep I have so much trouble sleeping drives me mad I go to sleep the. Wake up again tried everything even the doc gave me some sleeping tablets which haven't really helped well have a good evening everyone X

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Tracy I feel your pain on the sleep, just what is sleep anyway it's beyond me .Try not to stress about it because it makes it worse .Its horrible so muggy and you can't breathe .Hope your ok for your op sweetie x

Tracey1972 in reply to Matrix

Thanks I need sleep so tired it drives me mad il get there hope u ok X

Matrix in reply to Tracey1972

I'm the same all though I don't need an operation on Monday .Have you tried valerian tea from health shop .Take care Tracy xx

Tracey1972 in reply to Matrix

No don't drink tea makes me sick just the smell of it let alone the taste X

Matrix in reply to Tracey1972

It's not nice taste anyway so you probably would hate it x

What did doc give you ? I am on Temasapan and really helps ! Tell your doc, sleep is when your body heals . Ask him to give you something different! Always watch for your posts, praying for good health, Tracye 😘

Tracye, have you thought about getting a dehumidifier. If it is really humid there, might help you breathe better ? Might talk to your doc about it ? 😘

Hi thank u ur to kind , I'm on fluoxetine for anxiety and depression and Fenagun seeing doc in two weeks so going to c him while I'm there about it they worry about giving me them because of my asthma

I totally understand how you're feeling what with the weather and no sleep. I'm also struggling with both of those

Take care Tracey.

Hi how u doing been long time sleep drives me mad coughed a lot last night so tired today again hope u doing ok have a good day X

Oh dear! Not good. Hope the weather settles down and you get some sleep soon. Take it easy and rest as much as you can during the day.

Hi thank you I can't remember the last time I had a good nights sleep to be honest disputed the weather X

I really feel for you, my sleep patterns aren't fantastic but they feel much better than you are describing. I heard an interview with Dr. Tim Cantopher on the Jeremy Vine show recently who was speaking about beating insomnia, he has written a book beating insomnia and has written a number of interesting papers about it. As ever small steps, hang in there.

Hi thanks for that do u know the name of the book I could go to the library and c if they have it c if anything in here to help me have good day X


Tracey, when I was a small child in Seattle, I had horrible asthma and I remember a humidifier in my room plus before bed my Mom would spread Vicks Vapor Rub on my chest with a t-shirt stuck to it.

I hope your operation goes well and wish you all the best.

Hi Tracey,

Just wanted to wish you all the very best for your operation.

Hi thank u x

All the eat Tracey

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