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Hi all hope we'll , been back to docs with my chest for check up  and left love in lung gone again so had to go hospital to c physio but not lot they can do as lung got to rest more getting into London to c me again hope all well 

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I hope and pray you get the rest you need and the appointment you need too. 


You take care Tracey, hope you feel better soon 🌹🌷🌺xxx

What do you mean? Has the lung collapsed again?

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The doc said the left lung had parshley collapsed again it's not reflating like it should it collapsed when I was in hospital so just rest and regular Nebs there keeping a eye on me 

You poor thing! Take care xxx

Left love in lung ???

Hope you feel better soon xx

How you doing Tracey? Hope you are feeling better today xxx

Good morning been rough night very tired didn't sleep much very chesty today but hopefully take all my tablets and nebulisers get them all working and hopefully it will calm down again for a bit hope u doing ok enjoy ur day X 

I do hope you get the appointment and get plenty of rest. 

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