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Prednisolone question

Hi! Despite best efforts I have caught a cold and am already beginning to suffer with shortness of breath and dropping peak flow. Last time I caught a cold, last October, I was hospitalised and off work for 3 months, so needless to say I am feeling a bit nervous.

I now have a stash of pred tablets to keep at home for emergencies. Would you start a few days of a low dose now, or wait for things to get much worse? Not sure what's best.

Thanks for your thoughts!!

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I would start your prednisolone,then make an appointment with your doctor

Hello I agree, start them now then see your GP as soon as you can x

If you have prednisalone in the house I would suggest you take 30mg (6 x 5mg) and either make an appointment with your gp or go to a walk in centre for peace of mind. They won't harm you and its better to take them sooner rather than later to stop the inflammation of your airways. Take care x


I would say nip it in the bud as you don't want things to get worse - more effort then to get things better! Do not let yourself suffer more than is necessary! LIFE IS NOT ABOUT SUFFERING - especially as you already have the medication available! Best wishes!

Thank you everyone for your support. I decided to take 2 (ie 10mg) earlier but maybe I will increase it and then get to the doctor.

Thank you!!

You should have an action plan with clear actions e.g. PF down to 85% of best take prednisone. It should detail your dose and what to do if things get worse

in reply to QuietChest

I do have an action plan, but I realised yesterday it is out of date. It was created last summer when I had had several years without any problems, so it doesn't contain any of the things I am now taking. Will get to the doctor / asthma nurse on Monday. I had an attack yesterday afternoon after posting here and am not feeling too good today.

Thanks for your post, and for prompting me to get it update!

The GP I had before she retired made sure that I had plenty of prednisolone for such a problem as yours but she also gave me positive instructions on how to use it. My advice would be to ring the receptionist and leave a message for your doctor. Alternatively you could contact the asthma nurse at your surgery.

After a recent problem I realised that the dosage had changed.

Do take care not to expose yourself to other people with coughs or colds. I always stay indoors until my cold has cleared. Take care.


Hi the advice is if you have a chest infection then take ab's and your steroids. If it is just an exacerbation then take your steroids only. If you are not sure then take both and seek medical advice. I would take the amount of predisilone you are normally prescribed ie I am normally given 7 a day for 5 days. Taking too few would not help enough. x

Thanks everyone. I saw the asthma nurse who said 40mg a day for 5 days, and then to see the GP on the 5th day if it's still not under control. 

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