Going for the scanner of the abdomen on Friday at 10.45, they inject you with something so they can see better..and as I am "multiple allergic" I have to have 30mg pred 12 hours before and again 2 hours before..keep your fingers crossed for me I don't want anything on my kidneys that would be too much to cope with..

Found the Nottingham website where they do all the research and they have a nice video on the website with women just like me wandering how did that come about, honestly I am still stunned..

Thursdays you can contact the organiser so maybe I will learn more.

Only 200 women have it in the UK..just stunned..

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  • Crossing everything for you!

  • Thank you Georgie :))

  • Fingers crossed ;0) I'm the same with the dye stuff, I think it's from sqid or something.. take care.....


  • so I did well to make sure I was covered by the pred..thanks for the info Gino :)))

  • Good luck.

  • Thanks Sharshy :)))

  • I had problems with the contrast dye used for CT scans on the abdomen. They did have a doctor on standby just in case; apparently it contains iodine and I had flagged up a possible intolerance to molluscs. All seemed fine until I was getting changed after the procedure, when I suddenly became aware that my thigh was itching. Two large, very itchy lumps had appeared out of nowhere. The doctor didn't need to intervene, but they kept me in for a while just in case. It's gone down on my notes for future reference and I rather got the impression from what I was told afterwards that they could do something for those who had a known allergy.

    Good luck on Friday. Keeping fingers crossed for you.

  • Thanks for the info Maggie :))) I am glad I am taking the Pred I had a bad feeling about it..

  • Thank you Emilia. Hope you are well :))

  • Shops it all went well for you. Xxx

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