So I have severe asthma, My asthma that bad I can have an attack at any time so on alot of medication, The problem I have well more of an issue is that I cannot afford to pay for my prescriptions. Although I am in full time work most my money taken up by bills and sometimes do not even have the £10 needed for the pre prescriptions card. I know it sounds silly in this age but it probably come a time where i cannot take my medication which will result in hospital or worse still death. I been looking around for help but all I can see is i either pay or go without which seems a little extreme for people with my condition. I am part of the less than 5% of the country population that has this condition which I cannot believe in this age that people have to resort to not taking their medications due to cost

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  • Have you contacted the helpline to see if they know of any is an awful situation to be in

  • no but I have not but I will do. thanks

  • You might well have done this, but if not make an appointment to see someone at the CAB or local welfare rights office. It won't do any harm to check that you have maximised your income, are paying the right deductions, etc. It will all be free.

    Also given the severity of your symptoms they can advise on things like disability benefits, blue badge if you run a car, which might just help you find the tenner for the PPC.

  • Hi,

    I really feel for your situation and its really hard living hand to mouth so prescriptions become less of a priority in this situation.

    If you go to citizens advice they can go through your finances with you and if it works out that you need some kind of help then they know of charities that can help.

    Thankfully we live in a country whereby there are charities and places like citizens advice and you don't have to go through this on your own

    Hope I've helped,


  • thanks guys, I have done this already this place was my final option the NHS seem to be focus on money than health so I will just have to have more trips to hospital it seems

  • You have my sympathy as I am in a similar situation at present. Thankfully I had just enough money to get a prepayment certificate which has already paid for itself. I trust someone is able to help you though as this is a worrying and frustrating situation to be in.

  • oh no that's awful. tbh i cannot understand why these are not free like diabetics medication is (no dis-respect to ppl who need this also) but i think there still trying to campaign over it but cameron isnt gonna back down i don't think. can you ask a friend for help as you shouldn't go without your medication. hope you get sorted. x

  • Hi dan I'm on a ppc now but before I was diagnosed with asthma if I went to the Drs for anything I always asked if I could get meds cheaper on a private prescription 9 times out of 10 it was much cheaper

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