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First thanks to all of you for your kindness and support. I got a mail from the hospital consultant saying "he studied the scan CD and he can confirm I have a cystic pneumopathy. They are several forms and the work will consists in affining the diagnostic. I will explain it all on the 8th."

However I didn't feel reassured after that so I wrote back!: "I expect testing will enlighten you further but the name doesn't seem quite reassuring. Is there some cure?"

To which he answered " I will tell you all about it on the 8th, some illnesses have a specific treatment, others no.

But in general patients have a regular check-up as we don't expect a quick progression.

Well there you are you know as much as I do so when a bed is free I will go in for 3 weeks and hopefully find out more.

I will keep you informed because I believe your health is worth fighting for. So in doubt you've all got that European health card, have you, well it's free on line as long as we don't get out at the next referendum. Of course speaking the language helps.

In France Lille is a top lung teaching hospital and only a eurostar away. Of course you have to go to a state hospital to qualify not some private clinic.

But in a case like this I find it useful.

We keep in touch and kindest regards to all of you xx


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  • That was a useful link, not over the top..

  • Bon voyage Fran... That Swiss air should do you good;0) Take care...


  • Thank you Gino :)))

  • There's a huge difference between what this consultant is saying/doing and the brush-off you got from the consultant here! The best of luck and do keep us posted. I've never heard if cystic pneumopathy but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's easily treatable.

  • Thank you Georgie, yes he was kind enough to correspond directly by email. Usually we get a copy of the doctor's letter and that was a progress in itself..Once upon a time^^ we used to get nothing!

    Well I checked it on that website which I know is naughty^^ it's just cysts in the lung some bigger and nastier than others hopefully mine are the kinder sort!!^^ Take care Georgie I will give you a full report on that Swiss hospital :)))

  • Good luck hope all goes well. Hugs on their way ♥♥♥

  • Thanks Starveycat 💓

    And do read all of you that introduction from that Cleveland website about shortness of breath and loads of chest infections..didn't think it would lead to this so don't wait 15 years to get that scan 😃😃 should have been on the war path then!! Silly me!!

    💓💓💓 bye for now

  • Being new to this forum I realise I don't know you as well as others who have been following the ups and downs you have experienced with your illness, but I would still like to wish you all the very best and trust that this hospital will be a real step forward in getting you on the correct treatment xx

  • Flossie, Thanks a lot for your kind thoughts :))))

  • I hope the 8th brings you enlightenment, and releaf, and comfort in knowing what will be happening to you.

  • Thank you Kitten 😻😻:)))) very kind of you!!

  • Good luck, hope all goes well. The Swiss air should do you good!

  • Thanks Berth got here it's raining cats and dogs!! Hot drink and to bed!! Xxxx

  • Good luck - at last you are getting somewhere! Big supportive hugs to you xxx❤️

  • Thanks Stacey :)))

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