Last news: Moving!

Last news: Moving!

Dear Asthma friends,

I am going home and been in touch with the local hospital respiratory clinic. I sent my scan result there so my first appointment is on March 8th but they will admit me for 3 weeks (!) as soon as they have a bed, that could take up to 2 weeks wait. Still I feel grateful..there will be tests and physio and a referral to the Chuv in Lausanne at the rare pulmonary disease department (don't like the sound of that) so I understand that can take up to 3 months.

At least somebody is taking me seriously, scary but a big relief at the same time, first I want to know what I've got second I want a cure if there is one.

So I am leaving on Saturday. My daughter is coming up to help me pack etc..

I'll keep in touch I hope there have wifi was my first reaction, my daughter laughed coz she got me this birthday card with an hysterical woman saying "What do you mean there's no wifi???" Well that's me!!

Take care you all xxx

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  • Hello, I'm pleased that you are hopefully going to get sorted out 😉 I think you shouldn't worry about being in the 'rare pulmonary' clinic , look at it as the 'Exclusive' club LOL. Keep in touch, take care and get better!! Xxx ❤️

  • hahaha Thanks Stacey a lovely interpretation!! You cheered me up :))) xxxx

  • Must mean you are special. Good luck ♥

  • Thank you Starvey Cat!!! :)))

  • Brilliant news. So pleased for you.

    Good Luck.

  • Thank you Freefaller :)))

  • Good luck, I hope it all goes well for you :)

  • That's very kind thank you Minushabens :))

  • Three weeks? Wow. So glad they are taking this seriously for you. Do keep us posted! Best of luck :)

  • Thank you Georgie :))) Yes he said they were going to observe and monitor me and do tests, there was a full schedule of physiotherapy as well so I felt it wasn't going to be a doddle..anyway I feel relieved and lucky to get admitted there so will let you know what my days are like!

  • Wishing you all the best Happylondon, hope they find out what's behind the problems you've been experiencing. If you are able to, please let us know how things are going:-)

  • Thanks Maggie of course I will let you know. You have all been very supportive, it was great to talk to everybody on the forum and not feel like a freak!!

  • I hope you can get your answers, and can get releaf. Good luck.

  • that's very kind thank you

  • Hope u get things sorted x good luck with it all x

  • Thank you very much Shezxx;)))

  • I'm so happy for you, I hope they sort you out, but at least take the time to relax and leave them to do all the worrying. Let us know how it goes. We'll be thinking of you!

  • Thank you Berth :)) It's a cystic pneumopathy now they have to test me and find out which one!

    Talk to all of you soon xxxx

  • I'm so glad that things are moving ahead for you- looking forward to hearing more good news in the not too distant future :-)

  • Thank you Flossie. Everybody on the forum is being so kind because you all understand what we have to go through, outside these walls I'm my usual cheery self.. Lies all lies 😃😃

  • Thinking of you...xx

  • Xxx :)))))

  • Wish I was moving. My buyer is keeping me waiting after accepting his offer before the new year and having my place off the market since then he now cannot make up his mind. So my dream chalet bungalow which I thought was mine may not be. The people are being very kind and keeping it for me just wish he would make up his mind one way or the other.

  • Takes ages these days they wait for the best offer.. Wishing you well!! Fran xx

  • He is supposed to be buying my place as a buy to let which means he has to complete by the end of this month or pay an extra 3% stamp duty but he doesn't seem anxious to save this money even though it matches the shortfall in the mortgage amount he has been offered - stupid or what?

  • Hmmm start looking for another buyer???

  • Yes the state agent put it back up on the market on Monday and they had a successful viewing this morning so are thinking that the person who viewed today may well out an offer in after the weekend. Let's hope so.

  • I see. Good luck :))

  • Hi there,

    From the number of replies you have I think that you have lots of friends out here wishing you well;0) We all have our highs and lows as part of this journey but it's at its best when you can see the joy despite the clouds;0) Fingers crossed that all goes well for you. I'm actually coming to London this week for my annual visit to Ecobuild. I will wave;0) Take care....


  • Hi Gino on my way home tomorrow , back to Switzerland . Thank you for the kind words , take care Fran xxx

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