I'm James, developer of a credit-card sized inhaler

I'm James, developer of a credit-card sized inhaler

I'm here to understand what this community needs to best serve them. My team is developing the world's thinnest inhaler. Small enough to fit in your wallet. Refillable with your current inhaler.

Please see bloominhaler.com and let me know what you think. We're taking suggestions seriously to refine this into something you will love.

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  • Great Idea.

    Not enough storage.

    Would like one but would not pay $40 to buy one

  • I assume this is NOT compatible with Pulmicort and Symbicort inhalers?

  • Great idea as long as it is suitable for ALL asthma inhalers

    As a UK resident and pensioner I certainly wouldn't be willing to pay 40p never mind $40 for it

    I have worked all my life since I was 15 and paid all my money to HM Government and was late retiring so I like so many others should not be expected to pay a penny towards ANY medication

    So best of luck on your development of the product my friend but don't expect our old folk to pay for it

  • It's a great idea James. I know that, despite my best efforts, I occasionally manage to leave home with my inhaler and end up having to get an emergency one at a chemist. Having one in my wallet would be great.

    However, price is an issue; as is any other faff involved in filling or refilling such an inhaler. Quite honestly, I have enough faff in my life around my asthma medications without adding any more.

    I'm also concerned about the life of the unit and how long it would last; hygiene, cleaning, etc.

    However, if pharmaceutical companies were able to lease the rights to your product, and produce Ventolin inhalers etc directly in your credit-card sized inhaler, that might be of interest. I might be willing to pay a bit extra a couple of times a year to have an emergency inhaler in my wallet. I can't see myself ever paying £40 for a stand-alone unit though, sorry.

  • Sorry, I've just seen its $40 rather than £40. Any idea what it would cost in the UK?

    Also, 6 doses is nowhere near enough. If I'm out somewhere and encounter a trigger such as cigarette smoke, it can take anything up to 20 doses of Ventolin to get under control.

  • I think $40 would be somewhere between twenty and thirty pounds, dependent on the exchange rate.

    My usual trick with my ventolin when I'm out is to just make sure that one always lives in my handbag to reduce the risk of me forgetting to take it. My local surgery always allows me to order more than one, aware that one stays at home and the other goes with me wherever I go.

  • Maggie, I have one in my bag, one in each coat pocket, one in every room of the house and several spares in a cupboard; yet still I'll have an attack, my daughter or husband will run for the nearest inhaler if I can't reach one, and I won't realise they've taken it from my bag or pocket until I need it and it's not there. Like I say, we're all only human :)

  • Any chance of training 'em not to touch the one in the bag?:-) Go for any other - but not that one:-)

  • 6 doses is not a viable inhaler at all! and to have to pay for it.....I don't think so

    Nothing will ever beat the Ventolin Inhaler ever

  • Hi James

    Seems like a very good idea, £30 seems a little pricey but this is a one off payment as you say it is refillable.

    I think for many asthmatics it would be useful and to be able to keep it in a wallet is brilliant and probably more aimed at men.

  • How much? Really?

    It would be nice not to have to drag a bagful of inhalers with me on an evening out, but very expensive for very occasional use.

    Looks good, though, and less messing about than with current inhaler. The technique might take a bit of getting used to but would maybe attract less attention than the usual rigmarole.

  • Pleased to meet you. Thanks. Saw this on Facebook. This is great.

  • This looks a great idea is it waterproof - I do open water swimming and it would be excellent to took into my wet suit or swimming cap

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