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Newly diagnosed asthma

Hi...I'm 38 and have recently been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis and asthma. Actually I had asthma since I had my tonsils out age 6 and it probably never really left me. I have had treatment on and off but haven't taken anything for the past few years or really thought of myself as asthmatic until recently. I have always said that I have allergies and blamed that on the constant coughing/runny nose etc. However after years of coughing and starting to feel fed up had xrays scans and referred to the chest clinic....where I was diagnosed as having mild asthma and Bronchiectasis with some partial collapse to right middle lobe. I'm currently on fostair and montekulast and I must say that I feel a million times better. I hardly wheeze and don't get so many infections which is great. My peak flow is around the 330 mark whenever it gets checked and my spirometrey has improved now I'm on meds. I have only just joined asthma uk and already found a wealth of knowledge and know now that most of my issues are actually asthma related!! I look forward to reading more of your posts,


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Welcome happy chicken glad to hear you are feeling much better.


Sorry to hear about your difficulties but glad things are being addressed.

I'm recently sort of diagnosed - it's looking likely! Only really mild asthma if so but really struggle after coughs. I'm starting to think I've had it most of my life on and off as the itchy chin thing has always driven me nuts when I have a cough! And they drag on for ages in me. But hard to tell.

How do you feel other issues may have been affected by your asthma?


Hello to you both and thanks for your replies.

Haggisplant I think that there are a lot of issues which affect me on a day to day basis. I live in a house where there is a lot of mould which I'm seriously hoping to sort this yr! Its also a very dusty house due to no ceilings(has been an ongoing renovation project!!). I'm also allergic to animal fur which I didn't realise til I got the Guinea's and found that I was reacting to them each time the kids had them out.

The other day I went running....only just started back up after constant colds/sore throat etc....and went out on an ice cold day. This was a big mistake and have actually been ill since then with a bad chest as a consequence and had to take the off work.

I didn't realise how careful you have to be when you have a lung condition and has taught me to be more mindful


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