Allergic Asthma so bad in the mornings

Ok so here we are...I struggle so much in the mornings its scary. Wake up fine, come downstairs and I can literally feel it getting tighter and tighter

I have just been diagnosed as having Allergic Asthma after having all my life so at almost 50 its getting to the point I feel my quality of life is really being impacted

Allergy tests done at the Hospital last month show I am NOT allergic to dogs (had them all my life) so all I can put this latest exacerbation down to is a chest infection that hasn't shifted

Apparently I have lots of mucus in pockets in my lungs so I'd imagine being led down all night then waking up means its all stuck and clogging me up?

I just need some replies about Anti-Histamines as I have been taking Piriton for many years and have recently been given another one Fexofenadine? and that has made not one jot of difference OR does that take a while to get bedded in? I really don't know

I have gotten to the point today where I am thinking I should get up an hour earlier, take an Antihistimine then neb before I come downstairs???? anything that will make my mornings less scary

Once I cough and clear its much better

When I am at work you really wouldn't know I have Asthma (work in Air Con Office)

I don't wheeze. It just feels tight and a struggle to get the breath out

Does anyone know how I feel or can anyone give me words of strength as at the moment I am so low it beggars belief! My poor Husband and Sons are so understanding but not if that makes sense.. I am worried that all they think is that she is always ill but I know they don't...however...I am really struggling

Sally x

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  • According to GP Behinds Closed Doors on channel 5, I learnt that 3 people a week die from Asthma and mostly because of not using inhalers properly. I watched YouTube to see how to use my turbo inhaler because when I used a canister it went into my throat and into my stomach and didn't touch my lungs at all.

  • Hi Sharshy even with good practice and an aerochamber I was told only 15% go down your lungs. Now I've got those nebs I feel an improvement and I'm going to ask for a repeat prescription.

  • What is an aerochamber?

  • Hi Aunt Sally I'm on cetirizine and a steroid nasal spray for my per annual rhinitis I don't know about the other products exceptbabout piriton which they like to give in hospital but makes you feel drowsy.

    For me it's trees 😃 All trees from birch in my street to plane when I went to Barcelona last year in March it was awful people had tears streaming down their face it was so strong..

    Anyway what's on offer now I try and take it and wait and see. Air con is pain yes. It recyles all sorts of bacteria.

    You're soon 50 so change is in the air may make you more vulnerable..

    So go to your nurse or GP or ask for a referral but don't put up with it any longer.

    Take care Aunt Sally xx

  • I am under a consultant with oxygen and nebs and an aero chamber at home and I really appreciate you taking the time to reply! I will now avoid everything Birch!! x

  • you're welcome!! haha you can but try I tell you trees are everywhere 😃😃😃

  • Poor you. I take Fexofenidine ( started by Immunologist) I take two a day ( more than BNF says). Make a huge difference but took a few weeks. My husband is a dream and I get my breakfast in bed with drugs either before or after ( all vary). I also take neb and do chest physio so all a bit of planning but worth it even if to take edge of worse symptoms.

    I also do nasal washouts and take a steroid nasal spray

  • Ah thanks!! What dose of Fexofenadine you on? x

  • 180mgs twice a day

  • If you can afford it, try a couple of nights in a hotel. If you feel ok there, then you will be certain that something in the house is triggering your symptoms. There is no point farming the dog(s) out for a bit unless you want your house deep cleaned at the same time, as their allergens remain in the fabrics and the carpets and so on in your house. I developed an allergy to horses after riding very happily, for 3 years. It just appeared and floored me, so it can just come on. However, if you had the skin prick test for dog allergy, it won't necessarily relate to what happens in your lungs, so please consider it. An antibiotic should clear your infection, if that is the cause, but you are ok at work (hmm). Get your GP to refer you to a specialist if you can't get to the bottom of the problem.

  • When you walk the chest supports the muscles used in walking. If you are using the muscles in a bad way the chest will over tighten. In the air conditioned office, I suspect you do not do much walking. I may be wrong of course.

    It is worth seeing an Alexander Technique teacher to see if you have developed any faulty walking habits.


    Hope this helps.

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