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I need your help!

Hi lovley's,

As I have just been told my asthma is brittle and not dealing with it well I have decided I want to make a short film/documentary on the real battles of asthma. I will be filming real asthma attacks, really hospital appointments and me at my lowest moments and I want it to be amazing and teach more people about what we really have to deal with not just the fact we cant do sports!

If you have any bad attack stories you wouldn't mind sharing that I could maybe feature I would love it, I want people to really understand how hard our condition can be and also how serious it really is!

Thankyou in advance


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Good luck. I too am brittle and have good and bad days


Good luck with your project. As a life long asthmatic and a son with it, we know how awful it is. My husband has had it mildly as well. We often talk about how misunderstood asthma is, also how underfunded research is.

Will you be showing your film on YouTube? xxx


Yes I have a Youtube channel so it will be uploaded there

Just search - SharneesChannel

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I worked for a well known company who only wanted to discipline you when you were off bad with asthma and even questioned you as to wether you had asthma or not

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