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Asthma and running

Hi everyone

I've recently started running again after having to stop due to numerous attacks. I'm only managing to do 1 mile at the moment before feeling my asthma come on/ dizzy. I used to be able to run 10 miles, yet I can't get anywhere near that even with running every other day.

Does anyone have any tips on how to improve? I'm new to asthma- I was diagnosed 3 years ago but have only really had issues for the last year.

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Most people say to take your reliever before you start exercise helps. I am not sure it made any difference for me when i was able to exercise but it may help you. Take things slowly and work up - do the best you can.

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Hey, I've been in a similar situation myself. I've had asthma since I was a child, but I hadn't had any problems since my early 20s. Last year my asthma came back (I'm 34 now) and has had a real impact on exercise.

I used to run quite a lot, mountain bike go to the gym etc.

I'm still very active, but I've had to take periods of time off to recover and change the type of things I do. I found this really difficult at first, but I'm getting on fine now.

1 I don't really run anymore. I found this really difficult to accept, but at the moment, I find it too difficult. I do everything else, gym, biking, walking etc..

2 I always take my inhaler before I exercise and take it during at the first sign of any symptoms

3 I warm up much more than I used to

4 I don't exercise if I'm feeling unwell. I've found that if I push myself with even a hint of a cold it can floor me

5 I try to do things with rest periods - running is continuous, if you want to try and continue I would try and build up with intervals

I think it's trial and error to fund out what works for you, it can be very frustrating and disheartening. I recently had a really good couple of months, I was feeling really fit and had a completely unexpected attack and ended up on pred and doind nothing for a couple of weeks.

Don't be too hard on yourself and jus take things slowly. Hope this helps


Thanks for replying.

I do use Salbutamol 4x before running, on the advice of my doctor, however it doesn't help.

I'll keep trying to pace myself, it's just so frustrating! My aim is 4 miles in 20 mins by Christmas, which seems like nothing but I can't get anywhere near it!


Good Luck. Let us know how you get on.


I am fifty plus and I started running after 20 years.

Tip 1. Always take your Ventolin inhaler and take it 20 minutes before you go. Don't overdo the ventolin as it doesn't work!!

Tip 2 Always let some one know and if you can go with an understanding friend.

Tip 3. When my heart rate goes up, and I start to breath heavily I always have an attack. At this point slow down, take your inhaler and relax - it should calm down. If it doesn't stop running and sit quietly until you get back control.

Tip 4. Start slowly and build up distance not speed.

Tip 5. I find that once I have had my little attack my lungs settle down and I can carry on. These spasms I call them don't occur again for at least 6-8 hours.

Tip 6. Supplement running with swimming and cycling and get your heart going!!!

Tip 7. Check out how many of our greatest athletes have asthma - you would be surprised and inspired.

Tip 8. If its dusty wear something round your face to stop breathing in dust.

Tip 9. Its normal to feel a little tight - don't panic it does get better.

Tip 10. Control your asthma - don't let asthma control you!!!

Good Luck


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Thanks for the tips everyone!

Just come back from the worse run I've ever had. I managed about half a mile then had to walk back feeling nauseous, dizzy, sob and wheezy. I ended up spending the next half hour sat on my bed glued to my ventolin. I really don't know what happened. My asthma has been much better recently after a change of inhalers a few weeks ago. I'm so annoyed with myself, part of me wants to say it's all in my mind and I should have carried on regardless. The other part of me says don't be stupid you've got a 12.5 hour shift tomorrow! At least I work on a respiratory ward!

It's so frustrating to be back to square one and not know why its happened.

Sorry if that sounded moany, had to get it out of my system!


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