Very low peak flow reading and chesty cough

Hi new to this forum but just wanted some advice, I have always had asthma and from my teenage years till now it has never been a problem how ever 9 months ago I had pneumonia and was in hospital on oxygen for 5 days, on leaving hospital my peak flow was 290 then professed to 390 as I got better, last week I got a very mild cold and tus week I have a very chesty cough and in the morning when I cough its phlegm that is very thick and green and does not taste nice ( sorry about to much information, throughout the day it turns from green to yellow but at night I'm very wheezy and find it hard to breath when I done my peak flow I can only get 230! Apart from this I feel well apart from a bit of pain on my right side when I breath in now I'm not sure wether to see gp or just to try and see it though I just don't want. Wasted journey and a huge prescription Bill like I had 9 months ago :( please advise xxx

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  • Hi TraceyT,

    You need to see a GP within 48hours - it sounds like you may have a chest infection as well as an asthma exacerbation. Feel better soon!

  • Hi missS

    Thank you I have been to out of hours, they think I've got rid of chest infection on my own how ever I now have to have. Steroid inhaler, thank you for advise xx

  • Hi TraceyT,

    I'm glad you've been seen to, and on the road to recovery. Hope you get on well with your new steroid inhaler.

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