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Help, my pharmacy has given me DuoResp instead of Symbicort and I hate it?

I've been taking Symbicort for 6 years now and on Friday I got my repeat prescription filled as usual, only for the first time ever I was given DuoResp. I had other meds in the bag, wasn't expecting any product variations so I did not check. When I took out the meds I realised that I hadn't been given Symbicort. Whilst I was a bit miffed about not having been told about the switch or shown how to use it, I thought ok it's still effective so just use it. So I did, but it's horrible, like inhaling a throat full of grit. It made me feel worse not better.

In short I'm really not happy.

I don't know where I stand about this, have I the right to request the pharmacist to give me the Symbicort that I've been using since 2009 and should I speak to my doctors?

I don't particularly want to make a fuss because both my pharmacy and GP are usually great?

Any help would be appreciated.

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