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Does anyone else have this?

Hi all,

I've had my symptoms now for almost 2 years and the medication i'm on doesn't seem to be having any effect.

I had an exercise-induced asthma test which was positive and my consultant noted that I showed a significant drop in my oxygen uptake. I only have my symptoms when I do sport and I rarely have any other triggers.

I play netball twice a week for a university team and dance maybe once or twice a month on weekends. Whenever I am participating in sport, within three minutes i'm out of breath but I continue on as I don't feel any tightness. If I continue to play, I start retching and get tightness and stabbing pains in my chest. After exercise I am completely exhausted and I go very tired and floppy.

The medication i'm on now is slo-phyllin 125mg and Fostair 100/6 mg. It doesn't seem to be having any effect on my symptoms, and i'm just getting fed up :(

My mum is in denial of me having asthma. She believes that I have a deep underlying infection despite testing positive for exercise induced asthma and having a chest x-ray which was clear. She believes that I am unfit and I need to enroll on a training programme to boost my stamina and the medication i'm on is too high and i've upset my consultant with my attitude. However, until about 2 years ago I was fine and I could run and do as many sports as I wanted, then all of a sudden out of nowhere I just couldn't breathe.

It's very embarrassing to breathe the way I do and I feel so alone. I just wondered if anyone has had similar symptoms to me and how they went about it. I love playing sport and it's the only thing that keeps me going

Thanks everyone

Vicki (18)

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Hi Vicki

Do you use your inhalers before you exercise? If not, give it a go and see if that helps. And ask your GP or asthma nurse for help too.

As for your Mum not believing your diagnosis, you're not alone with that one! My own mum always assumed that anything that she couldn't see didn't exist and assumed that asthma was a delusion, not a condition! Maybe you could take her to your GP to get your diagnosis confirmed and explained to her or print the relevant information from this site for her to read.


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