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Hey guys,

I have been on Azithromycin for a while, they were cautious due to a slightly elongated QTC. THey did lots of different ECGs when I first started it and my heart was ok. They then changed my dose from 250mg to 500mg when they knew my heart was coping.

I currently take on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I have noticed though that the second day (Days I dont take it) that my asthma deteriorates and on a Sunday I am housebound and the asthma is terrible. My blood results on it are better.

Would it be worth seeing if I could take 250mg daily rather than 500 3x a week I wonder?

Thanks, Laura x

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Definitiely sounds worth asking about the experiment. I don't have any experience myself of azithromycin, and therefore not sure if its efficacy is in the higher dosage, and what its half life is, as a maintenance dose. Your Sunday episodes would suggest a fairly short half life, so your proposal sounds good, but definitely only with medics approval and under their supervision, as it will be a higher weekly dose than before.

Good luck, I'd love you to be able to get your Sundays back.


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