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Brompton next week

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing ok. My gp is now convinced I have asthma and I have to admit the meds I'm on now help enormously. I've been away for a week on vacation and my symptoms disappeared with one exception, when I walked near the swimming pools during the heat of the day I could smell the chlorine and that affected my breathing so I stayed clear of the pools.

Now back in the UK the symptoms are beginning again. I can feel the gunk building up and I'm needing to cough and I feel bunged up.

I have two questions. If this is asthma, would the symptoms disappear in hot climates and secondly what tests will I have at the Brompton to diagnose me?

Many thanks to you for reading x

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Try to find swimming pools that use ozone instead of chlorine. I've had to give up swimming in our local swimming pools as exposure causes me to cough.

I'm a GP/ former Immunologist.

Please raise awareness of the potential impact of inhaled chlorine from showers/ swimming on the respiratory epithelium of asthma sufferers. 

Below are two relevant studies :

Please support the need for further research into this area by liking/ sharing the Question Chlorine Campaign


Its not necessarily the heat which made the difference. It could be air quality, difference in fumes, different/missing pollens etc... lots of variables to consider. I don't know what tests the Brompton do, my own experience from going to Papworth (heart and lung hospital) was that they basically started at the beginning, I had lung function, allergy tests, 24hr ph/reflux monitoring and oesophageal manometry, CT scan, CF sweat tests, immunology tests etc..


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