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A place to moan about Hayfever!

Hi :)

A place to moan about hayfever!

Since we all do it, we might as well have a thread for it!

Does anyone else seem to have really random occurrences of hayfever? I will be equally bad throughout the day and when the pollen count is low and high. I know there are loads of pollens to be allergic too, but it is rather annoying when everyone says I'm making it up because the pollen count is low! Grrr how can I be making up the coughing/ blocked nose so I can't talk and the running eyes! Ok, so that was a mini moan since I really should be revising at the moment, another one will follow no doubt!

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i was just thinking about this today!!

The weather here has bee dull today yet my hayfever has been playing up! Antihistamines take the edge off but not got rid completely. Thankfully my eyes haven't been too bad but my nose has felt weird all day but hard to describe and my throat's been really itchy too ggrrrr


I've been on antihistamines and a steroid nasal spray for some time, but rhinitis is still not fully under control. It's not awful, but it just always worries me that it'll end up affecting my asthma. I started montelukast about two weeks ago and it seems to be helping a bit, but it's very slow to kick in. My eyes have been giving me some gyp lately: twitching almost constantly, which is so annoying! Occasionally they feel itchy and gritty too. Not sure if the twitching is a side effect of the montelukast or of the hay fever?


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