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living in hell

im a single mother living in a temporary private accomdation its a one bedroom flat i was diagnosed with asthma 4 years ago when i first moved out to a two bedroom flat the flat was damp, and had moulds everywhere i used to complain to the estate agent and to the council they did nothing where i am living now again i have the same problem the flat is damp and has mould unfortunatly i have the same estate agent again i informed them that the mould in the bathroom is triggering of my asthma the lady with such attitude told me damp and mould does not trigger of the asthma even my doctors told me that it does i have been having constant asthma attacks 2 months ago i was hospitalized twice within a week i have been using my medicines regularly i am under alot of stress because of my ex husband taking me to court etc i keep telling the estate agent that things needs to been done instead their telling me to clean up the damp using bleach i cant tolerate fumes smoke anything thats really strong i feel depressed and scared worrying about my health can anyone please help me with information about how i can be rehoused

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