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Can I marry someone?

Hi all.

I’m new to this forum n I believe this is a right place to discuss my concerns. I’m a 26 year old guy and now working in an IT firm.

Asthma is a companion for me from the childhood and my parents was with me for help and support.

As part of my job I moved out from my home and now staying alone. I’m ready to live alone but not sure what I will do when situations become worse.

I know this Asthma should not stop anyone from leading an active, healthy life. But in this young age itself symptoms occur more often and are more intense.

In these days one question is troubling/confusing me and I want to take a decision on the same.

“Can I marry someone? ” Because I do not want to make any one suffered because of me,

or in other words I don’t want to trouble anyone in their rest of the life. At the same time I have little fear about my old ages :-)

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Alen, your asthma is NOT the only important thing in your life. You need to bear it in mind so that you can avoid triggers but it can't drive everything you do and it certainly isn't a bar to getting married. Is there somebody special in your life who you would like to marry? If there is, discuss it with her. If there isn't - what the devil are you worrying about? Enjoy your socual ilfe until you do find someone special and THEN start thinking about marriage. Oh, and don't get married just because you are worried about how you will manage when you get older - that is a very bad idea and is almost certain to be a disaster. Enjoy everything in your life and stop worrying about the future - you'll know when you meet the right person to spend the rest of your life with.



Thanks a lot for your replay. I felt hesitant to post this topic in the forum, but now I feel like it was a good decision.

Your striking words are really touching and helpful.

Also I understood like I should not marry 'Someone', instead should marry the right one and need to think about marriage only after finding such a person.

Actually you have shown me the path. God bless you...

Njoyyyy :-)


Good luck!


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