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Disability and landlords

Ok, just a quick one, I live in a student house with 2 toilets, one upstairs, one downstairs, my bedroom is upstairs. normally this is fine, if my breathing is bad i have one trip down in the morning with all my stuff and one trip back up at the end of the day and someone carries my stuff up for me. The problem is our upstairs toilet has broken this evening. the people that sort our houses have a procedure to get emergency repairs done, and if the ONLY toilet in the house is broken then they get someone out over the weekend. The issue is its not the ONLY toilet in the house, its just the only toilet that I can get to. This evening my breathing is particularly bothersome (to put it mildly) and i really don't think i could make it to the loo and back very easily at all! But not sure if they are required to take that into consideration. my mate who has a bedroom on the ground floor offered to switch for a few nights but his room is full of mould and damp so that would be just as bad. i guess i could sleep on the sofa, but that wouldnt be very practical! what do people think?

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Do you have a bowl or bucket you could use as a chamber pot? Not ideal but would save your lungs - plus its only relatively recently theyve gone out of use really!


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