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Phew, that was close!

Less than 3 weeks since I escaped from hospital (having spent more time there than home since the summer) Ive got a really horrible cold that has inevitably gone to my chest. Having been lectured often enough about leaving it too late to go in, I emailed my cons this morning to tell her I was coming up to A+E but fully intended being sent home again! There was no talk of me being allowed home, the A+E dr was trying to arrange for me to go straight to resp ward not admissions as they know me so well etc.....

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As per my action plan the resp team were alerted that I was there and I was told the registrar would see me when he finished in clinic. He didn' own lovely cons came instead :-) I earned brownie points for going in so early and because Id been sensible and was poorly but more from a grotty cold than really bad asthma, and I live so close to the hospital, she let me come home - yay!! Any of the others would def have admitted me, Im so relieved. Back on 40mg pred tho, boooo :-(


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