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Brittle asthma and work!


I started a new job a couple of months ago and they knew at the time I was asthmatic. All was going well until I ended up very poorly in HDU and they decided that I was lying about being in hospital etc. Obviously when they saw my doctors note and discharge they couldn't say I was lying about it!

Since then though they keep threatening me that if I have more time off, or if I am not able to function at 100% then I am going to be sacked. Its a small company and there is no occy health.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is it even legal?!

Laura xx

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i am currently facing the same problem. ive been at the company for a year and had 9 absences since starting. they told me i could only be off 3 times in 6 months when id already been off 4 times. it is legal but if they didnt tell you in advance that you could only have so much time off you could do something about it. try speaking to a trade union, they may be able to help you fight back. they're helping me, i am with a union called USDAW.

hope this helps :)


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