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Hydro vs Pred

As of this morning Ive been switched from 40mg pred to 4x 100mg hydro for a few days. I know hydro works faster but are there other benefits? Seeings as been on 40 for 3wks now Im not sure why theyve done it (unless as an excuse to not let me go home!!). One duty dr the other night talked of possib ly increasing pred due to them totally supressing my stomach acid, so could that be a reason for the switch? Wont see a resp dr til Monday so any ideas would be welcome, thanks.

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Generally you dont get as many side effects from hydro


Would that have any effect short term? Its not that I mind, its neither here nor there really - Im pretty much bed tied at present so having the iv 4 times a day is no bother (having it in 100ml bag as it was stinging too much being pushed thru cos my veins are being stupid). But I dont want them to insist I stay cos of it if thats the only benefit? They used it for reduction as they could reduce quicker that way, but Id gladly cut the pred again at home, thank you very much! :-)


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