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Normal For Asthma?


Iv'e noticed recently, that I find I am struggling to get a FULL breath through my mouth, however, I seem to find it easier to breath normally through my noise.

It feels like a blockage when breathing through my mouth.

Is this normal for asthma? as far as I was aware, if you are struggling to breath with asthma, it would effect both, the nose and mouth equally?


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I've found that sometimes when I breath through my mouth I can only breathe in so far (not deep enough compared to normal breathing), but then can breathe in a bit further if I put a lot of effort into it. I've done it whilst docs have listened to my chest and they never commented so it must be something they expect! It doesn't happen if I breathe through my nose.

Is it something like that? It's hard to describe sorry!

I'm doing some uni work atm about asthma, I'll have a look at my book and see if that explains it!

Does using your reliever help at all?


I've started reading the Buteyko technique book 'Close your mouth' and one of the basis of the theory is that we should never breathe through our mouths. I'm in the opposite situation to you in that I feel that I'm not getting enough air in if I breathe through my nose only. Not sure if that helps, but I thought I'd chip in...


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