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Adrenal glands??


I'm just wondering if any of you with Adrenal Insufficiency have had an adrenal scan and what showed up??

My daughter (who has Adrenal Insufficiency) had a scan shortly after diagnosis 2yrs ago and they couldn't even find the adrenals on the scan!! They just weren't visible despite the lady who was conducting the scan desperately trying to locate them!!

Nothing was made of it then so I thought, although odd, I should think of it as 'normal'. That is until her resp appointment last week where I brought up her adrenal symptoms and questioned the scan result from all that time ago....the consultant (a locum) flustered and then announced ""we'll, they should've been there to see,""

So what now??

We have her routine annual endocrine app this wk so obviously this will be top of the list but I just wondered, in the meantime, if any of you had any similar experience or could shed some light??

Many thanks

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