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I just wanted to ask everyone how they manage work and goals like fitness? My asthma has got much worse than its ever been in the last 18 months, I'm under the care of a really good consultant now who's doing his best to get my asthma under control but I'm finding I'm really really frustrated when it comes to normal everyday life.

I was really getting into fitness as this entire thing happened and I love my job on the phones but the rug has been pulled from under my feet where both are concerned. I've been off work for a total of nearly 10 weeks in the last 12 months ALL asthma related. As I talk for a job severe breathlessness means I can't work.

Do you guys have any tips for managing absences? Work are really understanding but I get the rules on absence is there for a reason, it really concerns me that 5 weeks off every summer doesn't look great on my record!

With excercise, any tips for trying to get back into it? Anything anyone finds really good?

Who knew lungs could be such a pain in the butt?!



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Hi Lisa,

I can't help on the work front but with exercise, I was very de-conditioned from a flare up that started in 2010 (and is still lingering) and I started with very slow walking.I used the timer on my phone and did enough to get moving but not enough to exhaust me. I then sat down back at home until I had recovered. I like recording things so I recorded it just so that I could see my progress. I am in a stop/start period again as summer is my worse time and I am doing the same but with a pedometer and steps. I also love gardening and if a bad day will dead head some flowers or trim shrubs all above waist height just for a few minutes to get moving and have a change of scenery. But I always listen to my body and do baby steps.


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