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A Question About Weezes

Hello all,

I'm hope someone can help me with a nagging question. Many on this board have had problems with medical professionals not accepting an asthma diagnosis without wheezing being present. When I was diagnosed with Cough Variant Asthma last year, the doctor said that at that time I did not have a wheeze. Since then, I've ended up in the hospital once, and at my doctor's office with a a lung infection. During both those incidents, the attending physician and my doctor, have said they could hear a wheeze with a stethoscope (And always a nasty one at that!) But it was not audible without one.

So my question, does a wheeze have to be loud enough to be heard without an instrument to be a ""real"" wheeze?

I hope this made sense ..I did not mean it to become a Zen Koan!



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Good question :-) and I don't know the answer lol!! I'm not cva, but not a great wheezer either, very rarely heard.

Perhaps call the auk nurses and ask them? See if you get any light shed on it? That way you know what to say if a wheeze is/isn't heard?



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